Portfolio management (Knokke Summer School)

Effortlessly sail the troubled waters of financial markets!


Discover our portfolio management training programme, a three half-day experience during which you will explore diversification, asset allocation and risk management strategies to achieve your financial objectives in a context of high financial market volatility.

This unique opportunity, organised in the attractive surroundings of Knokke-le-Zoute, will enable you to develop your portfolio management skills while making the most of your holiday. Join us to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to invest wisely and optimally.


This training is aimed at anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of portfolio management, regardless of their personal objectives. Whether you plan to manage your investments independently or work more closely with your financial adviser, whether you are new to the financial markets or already familiar with them, this programme will provide you with the essential tools to make informed investment decisions.

Programme Content

Formation en Gestion de portefeuille - Sagora Formations

Training Objectives

Our programme aims to equip you with the skills you need to manage your private investment portfolio effectively and consciously. When completing the training you will be able to:

  • Optimally diversify your investments in financial assets based on your risk tolerance.
  • Avoid cognitive bias when making investment decisions.
  • Understand economic and financial events and assess the impact they will have on your portfolio.
  • Regularly assess the performance of your portfolio and review the costs associated with your investments.
  • Understand extreme events and incorporate their impact into your investment strategy.
  • Spot fraudulent schemes and avoid financial pitfalls.
  • Develop a robust investment plan based on your objectives and investment horizon.
  • Ask your bank advisor the right questions to ensure that your investments are managed efficiently.
"This portfolio management training teaches participants the essential principles of investment choice. By exploring various investment strategies adapted to turbulent financial markets, participants will be equipped to make informed decisions to optimise their portfolios in line with their short - and long-term financial objectives."
Mathias_Schmit_Sagora- Mathias SCHMIT, Professor of Finance and creator of the programme


Our teaching team has a wealth of high-calibre teachers with invaluable areas of expertise - which they share with enthusiasm and dynamism through our training courses. For this portfolio management course, your teacher will be Mathias Schmit, Professor of Finance at Solvay Brussels School and founder of Sagora.

Practical Details

When? The next editions will take place on 15, 17 and 19 July 2024 (FR) and 19, 21 and 23 August 2024 (EN).

How do we do it? Classes will be held during the morning (9am to 12.30pm) of each school day.

By whom? Each morning's course will be presented by Mathias Schmit above.

Who is it for? Training courses are limited to 20 participants in order to guarantee the quality of interaction with the teachers.

Where? The course will be held at Memlinc Palace Hotel in the charming seaside town of Knokke-le-Zoute.

ModuleProfessorDatePrice excl.Price incl. VAT
1Portfolio Management (Summer School) - FRProf. Mathias SCHMIT15-17-19 July 2024€1.800€2.178
2Portfolio Management (Summer School) - ENProf. Mathias SCHMIT19-21-23 August 2024€1.800€2.178


To register for our Portfolio Management Summer School, please click on the button below and complete the application form. Please note that your registration will only be confirmed once we have received written confirmation from one of our Sagora members.


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