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"Financial risk management and mastering the unknown: identifying and transforming risks into opportunities.


Today, understanding risk management and governance is a critical part of any business, whatever its size. This is why risk management must be an integral part of corporate governance. Discover Sagora's financial risk management training course, designed for professionals wishing to master the essential tools and techniques for identifying, assessing and mitigating financial risks. Our short risk management training course aims to help participants become aware of the need to :

  • define the level of risk the company is prepared to take,
  • define your risk tolerance threshold,
  • identify the different types of risk (credit, market, liquidity, operational and strategic) and their causes
  • in order to implement appropriate risk management policies.

To this end, and on the basis of concrete cases, the emphasis is placed on the importance and necessity of involving all the company's staff (and sometimes also its customers and suppliers) in the detection, assessment and management of risk in order to enhance its efficiency and performance.


This risk management training programme is aimed primarily at professionals from a variety of sectors who are responsible for identifying, assessing and mitigating risk within their organisation. This could include business leaders, risk managers, project managers or business analysts looking to improve their risk management skills to better manage the complexities of their roles. You work in sectors such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, IT or government, where risk management is critical to operational success and regulatory compliance.

Whatever your initial training or current role, you share the same motivation: the need to protect your organisation and its reputation, improve decision-making processes and contribute to long-term sustainability and resilience.

Programme Content

Gestion des risques financiers, sagora Formations en Finance au Luxembourg

Training objectives

Our programme aims to equip you with the skills you need to manage risk in an informed way, and to foster a risk management culture within your organisation.

At the end of the course you will have:

  • acquired valuable skills in risk assessment, management and mitigation;
  • improve your ability to identify, assess and respond to risks in your respective roles;
  • gained greater confidence in managing uncertainties and making risk-based decisions;
  • improved communication and collaboration between departments on risk management;
  • developed a shared understanding and a common language for discussing and dealing with risks;
  • increase your ability to contribute more effectively to the objectives of the team and the organisation.


Our teaching team has a wealth of high-calibre teachers with invaluable areas of expertise - which they share with enthusiasm and dynamism through our training courses. For this portfolio management course, your teacher will be Mathias Schmit, Professor of Finance at Solvay Brussels School and founder of Sagora.

Teaching method

Our teaching method puts the participant at the heart of the learning process. It aims to empower our participants through rigorous, relevant and interactive training courses whose lessons are directly applicable, while cultivating a critical eye on the results of the figures processed by the learners. The Sagora method is therefore built around these key concepts:

  • AutonomyLearning by doing: Sagora actively encourages individual experimentation during training courses, enabling learners to become more autonomous. This makes it easier for participants to immediately apply the concepts taught in their professional field.
  • Rigour: Our training courses are carefully structured and delivered with a view to teaching our participants to use the tools and techniques taught in a consistent and rigorous manner.
  • Relevance: Sagora offers pragmatic training courses that meet today's needs and requirements in terms of skills. This is made possible by the teaching consultants' experience in the professional world. The content and approach are subject to continuous improvement based on feedback from participants and current trends.
  • Interaction: Our approach encourages the sharing of real-life experiences, small-group discussions and practical exercises. This enables participants to take full advantage of the collective expertise present in the classroom and to benefit from an enriching and stimulating learning environment in which the teacher is accessible.
  • Applicability: Each concept taught is accompanied by concrete examples and practical applications, so that participants can immediately apply what they have learnt in training courses in their professional or private context.
  • Critical analysis:  Our participants learn to question available data, to interpret it in context and to formulate sound conclusions based on in-depth analysis in order to make informed decisions.

Practical Details

When? The next course on "Financial Risk Management" will take place on 19 and 20 May 2025 in Luxembourg City.

How do we do it? The courses will be given during the day (9am to 5pm). Coffee, breaks and lunch are included in the price.

By whom? The course will be presented by Mathias Schmit. above.

Who is it for? Training courses are limited to 20 participants in order to guarantee the quality of interaction with the teachers.

Where? The course will be held at Tero17 in Luxembourg City.

How do I register? Please complete our online registration form or send the completed form to the following e-mail address formations@sagora.eu.

Training ProfessorDatePrice excl.Price incl. VAT
1Financial risk managementProf. Mathias SCHMIT19 and 20 May 2025€1.400€1.442


To register for our Risk Management course, please click on the button below and complete the application form. Please note that your registration will only be confirmed once we have received written confirmation from one of our Sagora members.


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