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We offer a training on learning financial management. During 15 hours, you will follow classes online on our website

These classes are starting the 12 september 2020. 

During these classes, you will learn to : 

  • Interprete the results of a financial analysis
  • Prepare a cash flow table (financial planning)
  • Optimize your company's cash flow by understanding the levers to act on 
  • Asses financial resource requirements
  • Identify sengments that generate value and flows of those that cause the company to lose financial resources
  • Understand why a so-called profitable and growing company can still go bankrupt
  • Improve your communication with an organization's managers and learn how to ask the right questions
  • Converse with greater ease during your discussions with managers, bankers, investors, etc. 

Our training courses are tailored to your specific needs and focus on interactivity and practicality, in particular through case studies, discussions, sharing of experience between participants and real-life examples.

We will use an iterative and inductive approach based primarily on real case studies. The participants' experience will be taken into account through their questions and issues they face in their business environment.

We will use Excel to perform financial simulations. To allow for interaction with and between participants, a maximum of 32 registrants will be accepted based on the arrival of registrations and payments. Participants will receive materials before and after each session to best prepare the course. Participants are expected to be involved so that they can derive maximum added value from the training

If you do not find what you are looking for, please send an email to Sagora  to organise your own training via the following address

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