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Trainings by Sagora are different: they are designed specifically to match your needs.

Our trainings methodology is based on a combination of inductive and interactive methodology and analysis of case studies. Microsoft Excel is also used as a tool to prepare financial simulations.

Participants' professional experience has a fundamental place to enrich the training. Through interactive format, participants have the opportunity to share their views and to have the feedbacks from trainers and their peers on topical business issues.

Our trainers are professionals with minimum 10 years of experience both in academic and private sector.

Our topics
Sagora offers trainings, seminars et conferences, also internal at your company. Below there are the main themes of our offert:

  • More growth, more risk, more liquidity: how to define the right balance?
  • The implementation of Basel II/III: illusions and opportunities
  • How to be effective rapidly thank to an appropriate risk management?
  • Manage growth and its risks: how to plan a sustainable growth?
  • Governance and risk management of your company
  • Integration of strategy, risk management and governance: implementation of a comprehensive framework
  • Other topics on risk management and financial management
  • Risk project management

Our trainings are tailored on your specific needs. Interactive approach and practical examples through case studies, discussions, sharing experiences between participants and presentation of examples from the everyday running work are the way to approach clearly financial topics.

Take a look at our training catalogue. If you do not find what you are looking for, please send an email to Sagora  to organise your own training via the following address

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Finance for Non-Financials

"Finance for non-Financial", Sagora trainings, are coming soon in spring 2014. Where? In Luxembourg City.

For more info, please contact

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