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Research and studies on financial topics are fundamental activities to Sagora's team.
Here there is a short list of the main published articles:

  • 2013, with Denuit T., ‘Ponzi or not Ponzi in banking: A cash-flow statement analysis’
  • 2012, with Marrez H.,'Credit Risk in microcredit: How does gender matter’, Savings and Development
  • 2011, with Gheeraert L., Denuit T. and Warny C., ‘Roles, Missions and Business Models of Public Financial Institutions in Europe’, SUERF, published by Larcier
  • 2011, with Gheeraert L., Denuit T. and Warny C., Public Financial Institutions in Europe’, published by EAPB
  • 2010, with Chao L.-S., Managing growth risks: Lessons from the current crisis’, a Symcorp Publication
  • 2009, with Laurent M.-P. and Van Belle S., ‘An empirical approach to residual value risk estimation’ in Managerial Finance, Vol. 35 N° 10
  • 2008, ‘Moving from the capital requirement directive to a risk governance directive’, The Financial Crisis, ed. European Parliament, DG Internal Policies of the Union, Policy Department Economic and Scientific Policy
  • 2008, with Ayadi R. and Nieto M., Basel II implementation in the midst of turbulence, ed. by the Center for European Policy Studies
  • 2005, ‘Estimating “distressed” LGD on defaulted exposures’, in Recovery risk: the next challenge in credit risk management, a RiskBooks publication edited by Altman E., Resti A. and Sironi A.
  • 2004, ‘Credit Risk in the leasing industry’, Journal of Banking and Finance

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