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Risk management

Sagora offers consultancy and coaching services to financial institutions, federations and companies. Sagora is a leader in the field of risk management.

Our professionals propose two main activities tailored on your specific needs:

  • Organisation and leading of work teams to map and identify the main company risks
  • Assessment and validation of the governance of the risk management system

Organisation of work teams to identify risks
The purpose of these kind of teams is to find and relate company losts and their causes. Once the team has a clear picture of the most important sources of losts, the second step is to decide the right strategies to face and solve problematic issues to increase long-run performance.

Assessment and validation of the governance for the risk management system
Thanks to interviews of members of the board and managers involved in the risk managemant system of the company, Sagora is able to set up the best start for a deeper analysis. The methodolgy is based on the idea to put in together all the different sources of risks to obtain the most comprehensive and complete frame possible. 

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